Life's a Carnival.

South American Atmosphere. Indian Hospitality.

11:30 AM - 01:00 AM

11:30 AM - 01:00 AM

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080 3951 0999

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It's always fun, carnivals, entertainment and the most incredible food, drinks and performances in a cool, sophisticated, laid-back style. Yup, that's what Casa Piccosa is all about!


Zany, Avant-Garde Lifestyle

South America is a cauldron of some of the most exciting people and a vivid colourful lifestyle which comprises a pursuit for the good things in life. Passionate dances like the Tango, Rumba, Salsa, Samba mixed well with a healthy dose of exotic drinks and some of the most exciting dishes in the world represents the quirky, Bohemian, rich lifestyle of South America.

And, we have recreated the same uptempo Latin lifestyle with live events throughout the week, amazing food and some of the most awesome cocktails for an intoxicating experience.

Feel the excitement. Feel the magic. Experience the South American Lifestyle.


Chef Ernesto

Chef Ernesto Villareal 31 years old, Born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico has more than a decade of experience in different styles of cooking: Mexican, American, Venezuelan & Fusion. Chef Ernesto specialized in creating new recipes for major Mexican Restaurant brands.

Ernesto is specialized in traditional Mexican ethnic food. 

He is also an expert in Creating Signature Cocktails, Brewing Beer, Distilling Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Gin and other spirits. He's an avid listener of music.

Rave Reviews

The Emotional Eater

Cozy, lively place for a weekend hangout. Went in on a Saturday night, the place is on the first floor but the music is sometimes heard all the way down to the road! Cheering crowd, loud music, booze and food makes it fun! Would recommend this place to people in and around JP Nagar, who like energetic ambience, to visit on the days they have events. You'll love it :)

Shveta Shetty

Finding food close to mid night in a restaurant is next to impossible in Bangalore. 

One night, approximately a an year ago after a late flight, and almost in a famished state of hunger I stopped the cab for a quick grub at Mac D ( the one right below casa ) sadly their kitchen was closed. My next hope was some udupi restaurant which had newly opened but to my surprise it was already out of service. Then I looked further up and found this flashy board. I ran up out of sheer excitement forgetting to take the lift. 

I was happy to find a few people still hanging about, lights were dimmed and to my delight plates were in movement. I quickly waved at a waiter who promptly showed up with a digitised name tag. ( a thing that waiters here don't wear anymore :() it had such a wow factor .. wonder why they stopped. 

The kitchen was almost closed but the waiter checked in the kitchen and gave me a few options. 

Krutika Puranik

Located on one of the busiest streets of South Bangalore, this place has been growing on me! The ambience of the place is cozy and makes you feel comfortable. They frequently host amazing live band sessions which is my personal favourite! I was here previous Saturday and i have to admit that it was one of the best nights i've had in a really long time. 
The food was delicious and served quicker than expected considering how crowded the place was. We ordered chicken platter which had assorted selection from delicious kebabs to BBQ chicken. We also ordered Shrimp cooked in tomato gravy which was quite nice. My absolute favourite is chicken quesadilla and i always make sure to order one whenever i visit this place. We also couldn't stop ourselves from ordering chicken tikka. 
The cocktails were delicious as well. The staff was courteous and polite. 
But highlight of the night was the band that was playing (Rafeeq Band) who were fantastic. The place was buzzing with people and wonderful music as people hummed along for numerous songs. 
All in all, i would recommend everyone to visit this place and enjoy your weekend to the fullest. 
Ambience : 5 
Food : 5 
Service : 5

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